About Us

Association of Children’s Librarians of Northern California

This is the official blog of the Association of Children’s Librarians of Northern California (ACL).  Find our official website, including information on becoming a member, here.

ACL was founded in the 1930s by a group of public and school librarians.  Members meet monthly to review books for young people and discuss related issues.

ACL reviews are published in BayViews, a journal of book reviews and opinions with a western perspective.

ACL Mission Statement

This organization is an association of people interested in library work with children and young adults. Its purpose shall be to strengthen and maintain work with youth in the libraries of Northern and Central California according to the highest standards of professional librarianship by:

  • Reviewing and evaluating children’s books and other materials produced for young people
  • Working actively to further the cause of library work with children
  • Discussing various phases and problems of this work
  • Cooperating in the solution of problems of mutual concern
  • Encouraging and stimulating the personal friendships of its members

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Emma Moore says:

    Awesome blog! Thank you for such wonderful content.

    Emma Moore
    K-8 Library Media Specialist
    San Carlos Charter Learning Center

  2. patty says:

    Hi Ms. Peck! I am having a lot of fun moving around this blog—you have an excellent thing here! See you in class! Patty Mapes, Atlanta

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