Read-Alikes for Rick Yancey’s “The 5th Wave”

Read-alikes for the YA science fiction series The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

5th WaveBao, Karen. Dove Arising. 

Bowman, Erin. Taken. 

Bracken, Alexandra. Passenger. 

Christopher, John. The White Mountains. 

Duyvis, Corinne. On the Edge of Gone. 

Flanagan, John A. The Brotherband Chronicles series.

Floreen, Tim. Willful Machines. 

Helvig, Kristi. Burn Out. 

Hutchinson, Shaun David. We Are the Ants.

Jury, Walter. Scan.  

Kagawa, Julie. The Immortal Rules.  

Kizer, Amber. A Matter of Days. 

Lore, Pittacus. The Fate of Ten. 

Lunetta, Demitria. In the After. 

Morgan, Kass. The 100 series. 

Nix, Garth. Shade’s Children. 

Roth, Veronica. Divergent series. 

Silver, Even. Rush series.

Skrutskie, Emily. The Abyss Surrounds Us. 

Stohl, Margaret. Icons.  

Strasser, Todd. The Beast of Cretacea. 

Taylor, Janet B. Into the Dim. 

Wallenfels, Stephen. POD. 

Wells, Dan. Bluescreen. 

Wells, Dan. Partials. 

Wells, H.G. The War of the Worlds. 

Westerfeld, Scott. Zeroes. 

Young, Moira. Blood Red Road.

Penny Peck,  SJSU iSchool

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