Read-Alikes for Rick Riordan’s “Sword of Summer” Series

Read-Alikes for Rick Riordan’s new series, “The Sword of Summer,” which begins with Magnus Chase and the Gods of AsgardSword of Summer

Alice, Alex. Siegfried. 

Anaker, John W. The Raven’s Ring Pin.

Anders, Lou. Frostborn. 

Armstrong, Kelley. Loki’s Wolves (the Blackwell Pages series).  

Black, Holly. The Iron Trial. 

Bush, Maureen A. The Nexus Ring. 

Coville, Bruce. Thor’s Wedding Day: by Thialfi, the Goat Boy. 

Farmer, Nancy. The Islands of the Blessed. 

Farmer, Nancy. The Sea of Trolls. 

Flanagan, John A. The Tournament of Gorlan. 

Funke, Cornelia. Reckless. 

Gaiman, Neil. Odd and the Frost Giants. 

Gibbons, Alan. Warriors of the Raven. 

Gratton, Tessa. The Lost Sun. 

Lairamore, Dawn. Ivy and the Meanstalk. 

Livingston, Lesley. Transcendent. 

McGuire, Sarah. Valiant. 

Norton, Mary. Are All the Giants Dead? 

Shaughnessy, Adam. The Entirely True Story of the Unbelievable FIB. 

Penny Peck, SJSU iSchool

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