Review of the Week: Place Hacking – Venturing Off Limits

place hackingRosen, Michael J. Place Hacking: Venturing Off Limits. Non-fiction. 21st Century, 2015. 72p. PLB $33.32.  978-1-4677-2515-6. OUTSTANDING. GRADES 8-12.

Exploration is difficult today, unless one is willing to leave the planet, but place hacking (defined as going where one is not allowed to go) gives an outlet for those feelings of discovering new places, or more specifically, rediscovering. Rosen gives a history of place hacking, the rules or lack thereof, famous place hackers, possible motives for the activity, an interview with a famous explorer, and the consequences of exploring an abandoned building (from biological hazards to getting caught by security guards). Documentation is important for place hackers, so the pages are filled with photographs from amazing heights, such as from Notre Dame or the Chrysler building. The back matter—in the form of a timeline, a glossary, a persuasive writing activity, source notes, and a For Further Information section— makes this an outstanding addition to any reader who has a thirst for exploration.

Nazli R. Ali, Daly City PL

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