Review of the Week: “The Question of Miracles”

question of miraclesArnold, Elana K. The Question of Miracles. Fiction. Houghton, 02/2015. 233p. $16.99. 978-0-544-33464-9

When 11-year-old Iris arrives at her new home in rainy Corvallis, Oregon, she is haunted by the recent death of her best friend, Sarah, back in California. This quiet, character-driven novel beautifully captures Iris’s struggle to understand and cope with the loss of her friend. At her new school, Iris reluctantly builds a friendship with an outcast, Boris. When she finds out his birth was a medical miracle, Iris fixates on the idea of miracles—if they exist, she may be able to communicate with Sarah again. But she also wonders why miracles happen for some and not for others. With well-developed characters and strong writing, The Question of Miracles engages readers in the difficult but relatable themes of friendship and loss.

Ally Hack, Oakland Public Library

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