Review of the Week: “Neighborhood Sharks”

neighborhood sharksRoy, Katherine. Neighborhood Sharks: Hunting With the Great Hunters of California’s Farallon Islands.
Katherine Roy, Illus. Non-fic.
Roaring Brook, 2014. [44]p. $17.99. 978-1-59643-874-3.

In this lively book, the migration of white sharks to San FranciscoBay’s Farallon Islands, where they eat seals and sea lions, is described in a thrilling narrative paired with watercolor illustrations. Some pages have one or two sentences, to read like a picture book, while other pages contain detailed paragraphs on specific topics for older readers to enjoy. The food chain, shark anatomy, and the scientists who study them are all part of the information conveyed. Although this is especially relevant to California libraries, most students enjoy reading about sharks, especially when a book has such a strong book design and illustrative matter as this one does. “Shark Week” is a big draw for tweens to television, and libraries can capitalize on that interest with a book display, with this as a centerpiece. Roy’s debut is very successful, achieving a nice balance of information with slightly graphic action-oriented artwork that features blood but is not exploitive. Back matter includes a map and list of sources.
Penny Peck, San Jose State Univ, SLIS

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