Lila Perl Obituary, Booklist and School Library Journal Best Lists

PerlAuthor Lila Perl Dies at age 92

Author Lila Perl has died at age 92.  Her books include Me and Fat Glenda (Seabury, 1972), Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story (Greenwillow, 1996), Dumb Like Me, Olivia Potts (Seabury, 1976), Don’t Ask Miranda (Clarion, 1978), and Marleen, The Horror Queen (Houghton Mifflin, 1985).  Perl received the Sydney Taylor Book Award for Four Perfect Pebbles, her fiftieth book, which tells the true story of Marion Blumenthal Lazan’s experience at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Perl also wrote several nonfiction books and biographies for youth. Perl was born in Brooklyn and attended Brooklyn College.  Her brother, Martin Perl, is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist. In 2014, Perl’s latest book Isabel’s War will be published by Lizzie Skurnick Books. For more information:

BoxersBooklist Editors’ Choice: Books for Youth 2013

Check out the list from Booklist magazine, of the best 2013 books for youth:

School Library Journal Best Books 2013 Mr. Wuffles

School Library Journal has published three end-of-the-year Best lists, divided into Picture books, Fiction, and Nonfiction. See the lists here:

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