Review of the Week

favorite daughterSay, Allen. The Favorite Daughter ‡. Allen Say, Illus. Pic. Bk. Scholastic, 2013. [32]p. $17.99. 978-0-545-17662-0.  OUTSTANDING. GRADES 2-6.
While gently understated, this autobiographical picture book is outstanding on many levels. Yuriko is teased because she has a Japanese name and blonde hair; her father very gently and quietly makes Yuriko see the value of being Yuriko. Demonstrating model behavior, the father helps Yuriko see aspects of her bicultural life that she herself values in order for her to focus on the creative projects she loves and face the students and teachers who were insensitive to her. Yuriko loves the part of her that is Japanese as shown here; food, calligraphy, painting, and her kimono. This must be based on an event that really happened when Yuriko was young. It reveals a side of Say not often seen. What a wonderful tribute to a one-and-only favorite daughter, presented with great parental pride.
Martha Shogren, Independent

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