Read-Alikes for “Shakespeare” Inspired Novels

Shakespeare_Stealer_(reprint)Read-alikes for “The Shakespeare Stealer” by Gary Blackwood: novels set at the time of Shakespeare.

Ballantine, Philippa. Chasing the Bard.

Blackwood, Gary. Shakespeare’s Scribe.

Blackwood, Gary. Shakespeare’s Spy.

Cheaney, J.B.  The Playmaker.

Cooney, Caroline. Enter Three Witches.

Cooper, Susan. King of Shadows.

Fiedler, Lisa. Dating Hamlet.  YA

Fiedler, Lisa. Romeo’s Ex: Rosaline’s Story. YA

Gabel, Claudia. Romeo and Juliet and Vampires. YA

Hassinger, Peter. Shakespeare’s Daughter.

Klein, Lisa. Lady MacBeth’s Daughter. YA

Klein. Lisa. Love Disguised. YA

Klein, Lisa. Ophelia. YA

MacDonald, Bailey. Wicked Will: a Mystery of Young William Shakespeare.

Meyer, Carolyn. Loving Will Shakespeare. YA

Mingle, Pamela. Kissing Shakespeare. YA

O’Brien, Johnny. Day of Deliverance: a Jack Christie Adventure.

Ortiz, Michael J. Swan Town: the Secret Journal of Susanna Shakespeare.

Pressler, Miriam. Shylock’s Daughter. YA

Rees, Celia. The Fool’s Girl. YA

Tiffany, Grace. Ariel. YA

Woelfle, Gretchen. All the World’s a Stage: a Novel in Five Acts.

shakespeares-secretRead-alikes for “Shakespeare’s Secret” by Elise Broach: contemporary novels that are a twist on Shakespeare’s plays.

Appignanesi, Richard. “Manga Shakespeare” series of graphic novels.

Askew, Kim. Exposure. YA

Askew, Kim. Tempetuous. YA

Avi. Romeo and Juliet Together (and Alive!) at Last.

Bauer, A.C.E. Come Fall. YA

Belbin, David. Love Lessons. YA

Bjorkman, Lauren. My Invented Life. YA

Covington, Dennis. Lizard.

Dionne, Erin. Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet.

Draper, Sharon. Romiette and Julio. YA

Gehrman, Jody. Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty. YA

Gilmore, Kate. Jason and the Bard. YA

Gorman, Carol. Midsummer Night’s Dork.

Gratz, Alan. Something Rotten. YA

Gratz, Alan. Something Wicked. YA

Hand, Elizabeth. Illyria. YA

Harper, Suzanne. Juliet Club. YA

Harrison, Mette. Tris & Izzie. YA

Hicks, Deron R. Secrets of Shakespeare’s Grave.

Hicks, Deron R. Tower of the Five Orders.

Howe, Norma. The Blue Avenger Cracks the Code.

Jones, Robin D. No Shakespeare Allowed.

Katz, Welwyn. Come Like Shadows. YA

Keene, Carolyn. Dangerous Plays (Nancy Drew).

Laban, Elizabeth. The Tragedy Paper. YA

Levithan, David. 10 Things I Hate About You. YA

Livingston, Lesley. Wondrous Strange.

Mantchev, Lisa. Eyes Like Stars. YA

Mantchev, Lisa. Perchance to Dream. YA

Marsden, John. Hamlet – a Novel. YA

Matthews, Andrew. A Winter Night’s Dream.  YA

O’Neal, Zibby. In Summer Light. YA

Peet, Mal. Exposure. YA

Ray, Michelle. Falling for Hamlet. YA

Rees, Douglas. The Juliet Spell. YA

Russon, Penni. Undine. YA

Schmidt, Gary D. Wednesday Wars.

Searle, Rebecca. When You Were Mine. YA

Selfors, Suzanne. Saving Juliet. YA

Sonnenmark, Laura. Something’s Rotten in the State of Maryland. YA

Sutherland, Tui. This Must Be Love.

Tolan, Stephanie. The Face in the Mirror.

Totan, Teresa and Eric Walters. The Taming. YA

Penny Peck, San Jose State Univ.

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One Response to Read-Alikes for “Shakespeare” Inspired Novels

  1. Big grandma says:

    Bennet:Master Skylark (old, maybe older than that)

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