Do-It-Yourself Star Wars Program Ideas

strangecaseorigamiyoda1Do-It-Yourself Program Ideas: Star Wars Party

Holding a “Star Wars” program at your library can be a great way to draw in Tween boys, as well as the whole family!  Start with a display of “Star Wars” books, graphic novels, and DVDs.  Be sure to include the “Origami Yoda” series by Tom Angleberger.

See if there is a “Star Wars” club in your community.  In the San Francisco Bay Area, there is the  Golden Gate Garrison ( ), a group of adults who do volunteer work, dressed as Darth Vader and Storm Troopers. They often will do library appearances, demonstrating how they make their costumes, and showing collectables.

Libraries can also set up craft and game stations. Have two high school volunteers at each station to run the game or help younger children with the crafts.  There may be a science fiction, film-making, or anime/manga group at the high school who would love to volunteer for a “Star Wars” program.

Here are some activity ideas, many inspired by postings on the PUBYAC listserv:


Paper Airplanes:  Make these “Star Wars” inspired paper planes: .

Light Sabers:  Make Light Sabers out of toilet paper rolls and two long balloons (the balloons used to make animal balloons work the best): .

Origami Yoda Characters: .

Yoda Stick Puppets: .

Masks: .


Destroy Darth Vader:  Print out pictures Darth Vader or other villains, and tape to large empty soda bottles that contain approx. 1 inch of sand. Give player three bean bags, and see if player can knock over one of the bottles to win a prize.

Pin the Light Saber to Yoda: Like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this simple game is fun and easy.  Print our a large picture of yoda. Make simple light sabers out of construction paper, and let each blindfolded player tape their light saber to Yoda. 

Feed Jabba the Hut:  Make a stand-up figure of Jabba the Hut out of cardboard, with his mouth cut out.  Give player three beanbags; if the player can get one beanbag into Jabba’s mouth, he or she wins a prize!

For more ideas, check out: and .

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