Early Literacy Programming in the Digital Age

infopeople3Infopeople recently held a free webinar on Early Literacy Programming in the Digital Age, presented by Cen Campbell and Genesis Hansen. Covering both research on interactive screen use by preschoolers with practical ideas for library programming that promotes positive screen use, this one hour webinar contained a plethora of useful information. Parents are already using iPads and Smart Phones with their preschoolers, so the library can help parents choose the best online content such as apps to use with this audience.

Co-viewing is the recommended method which librarians can demonstrate during storytime – where parent and child use an app together, so the screen is not just a babysitter. The webinar had a helpful section on how to evaluate apps and where to find useful app reviews for children’s librarians.  Check out the archive of the webinar and handouts: http://infopeople.org/training/early-literacy-programming – click on the large blue button on the top right of the screen marked “View Archive.”

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2 Responses to Early Literacy Programming in the Digital Age

  1. Ruth I. Gordon says:

    Does this discuss books and other such?–Big G

  2. pennypeck says:

    No, it discusses using apps with books, and book-related apps.

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