Do-It-Yourself Summer Reading Party – “Reading Is So Delicious!”

SRP13Summer reading program themes can be used in developing Do-It-Yourself programs. In California, the 2013 summer reading program materials from the California Library Association celebrate “Reading is So Delicious!” Here are some ideas for programs on that theme.

Icebreaker Activity: Sing Raffi’s “Apples and Bananas,” or read Oliver’s Vegetables by Vivian French.

Craft Stations

  • Chef’s hat made out of white poster board and tissue paper (
  • Handprint aprons (
  • Make necklaces by stringing Cheerios on a string
  • Vegetable prints (

For more craft ideas, check out:’s%20Crafts

Game Stations

  • Help Pig Get to the Pancakes, a maze based on Laura Numeroff’s If You Give a Pig a Pancake (
  • Pizza Box Tic-tac-toe (
  • Play the popular board game “Candy Land.”
  • Vegetable Ring Toss: Use three embroidery hoops. Player tosses hoops, one at a time, at a pumpkin, pineapple, or other large fruit or vegetable sitting on the ground. Prizes awarded to those who can ring the vegetable.

For more game ideas, check out:

Refreshments: Fruit slices or frozen juice bars are healthy and tasty.

Movie Showing: If you want to show a full-length movie highlighting cooking, try Ratatouille.

For more “Reading Is So Delicious” ideas, see the 2013 California Summer Reading Program website (

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