Review of the Week

LetsSingLullabyThomas, Jan. Let’s Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy.‡ Jan Thomas, Illus.    Pic. Bk. Beach Lane, 2012. [40]p. $12.99. 978-1-4424-4276-4. OUTSTANDING.             GRADES PRE-K.
The Brave Cowboy loves to sing lullabies for his calf friends but sometimes finds it hard to be as brave as his name might suggest. He mistakes sticks, flowers, and even his friends for all sorts of scary critters, but when a big bad wolf makes an appearance the Brave Cowboy finds out just how useful his lullabies can be. This picture book will appeal to a wide range of preschoolers through kindergartners, with Thomas’ winning combination of digitally rendered, cartoon-influenced illustrations, emphasizing solid colors, bold and eye-catching shapes, and laugh-out-loud silly humor. It makes a great storytime choice, offering a singalong opportunity in addition to its satisfying story. Music to accompany the Brave Cowboy’’s lullaby is available on the author’’s website.
Ted McCoy, Oakland PL

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