Review of the Week

flora flamingoIdle, Molly.  Flora and the Flamingo.  Molly Idle, Illus.  Pic. Bk.  Chronicle, 2013. [44]p. $16.99.  978-1-4521-1006-6.  OUTSTANDING.  GRADES PRE-1.

What do a slightly pudgy little girl in flippers, bathing suit, and cap and a graceful flamingo have in common? Besides a penchant for pink, they share a
love of dance. In this entirely wordless book, adorable Flora covertly copycats the elegant moves of the long, lean bird with earnestness, only to flop
clumsily to the ground. The flamingo invites her into his dance, lithely guiding and twirling her in a lovely choreography, ending with a dramatic leap into a glorious gatefold cannonball splash. Idle’s animation background is evident as she creates emotion and an engaging story without needing a single word. The delicate pink palette adds sweetness, and the interactive flaps make it sheer fun to read. The flaps might need additional reinforcement in a library setting because this beauty is sure to get a lot of love.

Cassy Lee, Cragmont School

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