Review of the Week and Children’s Lit Festival at UC Berkeley

JinxReview of the Week:  Blackwood, Sage.  Jinx.  Fic.  HarperCollins, 2013. 360p. $16.99.  978-0-06-212990-1.  OUTSTANDING.  GRADES 5-8.

Young orphan Jinx is abandoned by his stepfather in the mysterious and dangerous Urwald forest where “you grow up fast or not at all,” and is rescued by Simon Magus, a powerful wizard. Readers won’t be surprised that Jinx has
powers of his own—he can see emotions and discovers he can communicate with trees in the forest. Though drawing on many familiar elements of folklore and fantasy, Jinx is marvelously fresh and ambiguous: it is never clear if Simon is protecting Jinx or using him. The fantasy world and the many species that live there, including trolls and werewolves, is atmospherically created. When the plot eventually settles into a quest, the destination of Jinx and his companions—all under magic spells—is truly scary. Along the way magic appears in many forms and, as Jinx becomes a more able magician, his world is ready to open up for a sequel.

Hayley Beale, San Francisco Univ High Sch

Celebration of Children’s Literature and Literacy:  Sat., April 20, 2013,     10 am-3 pm,  Education/Psychology Library v Tolman Hall, 2nd floor,

This free event is a unique opportunity for anyone who enjoys a good story!

Children will be treated to acclaimed local authors and illustrators reading from their books, while middle and young adult readers can attend writing workshops.

WRITING WORKSHOPS: (4th-9th grade),  Andrea Alban Susan Austin Lewis Buzbee

AUTHORS/ILLUSTRATORS: Kristi Yamaguchi, Thacher Hurd, Dashka Slater, Julie Downing, Oliver Chin, Arden Johnson-Petrov, Lissa Rovetch, Amy Novesky,  Joanne Rocklin, Susan Katz

AND FOR ALL AGES: Storyteller Diane Ferlatte, American Indian storyteller (invited) Martin Luther King, Jr. Oratorical Fest

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY:  Innovative, simple and fun ways to create your own books. Staffed by teaching consultants of The Bay Area Writing Project, a collaborative program between UC Berkeley and Bay Area schools.


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