SRP Film Showing, ACL’s Food Bibliography

A_Place_at_the_Table_Poster_jpegIs your library using the “Reading Is So Delicious!” summer reading program theme?  If so, be sure to check out the “Eat the Library” Bibliography from ACL’s 2012 Institute:

Also, the California Library Association has announced the opportunity for libraries to screen the new documentary on food justice, “A Place at the Table, One Nation, Underfed.”  Usually $295, California libraries will be able to purchase the public performance DVD of A Place At The Table: One Nation. Underfed. for $100. (The purchase includes the feature-length version of the film and unlimited public performance rights at a single venue.)

The film is a perfect tie-in with iRead’s Reading Is So Delicious! summer reading theme. But whatever your summer reading theme, this film is a great way to raise awareness of the prevalence of hunger in America and provide your library patrons with tools to create meaningful change.  California public libraries should use coupon code CLASUMMER2013 to take advantage of the discount.

Interested in hosting a food drive at your library this summer? Visit the Acquire A Taste For Giving: The Reading Is So Delicious Food Drive page of the CLA website for information on how to participate.  Questions? Please contact Trish Garone at,  650-376-0886 option #4, 650-539-2341 (fax),




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