Handouts on “We’re History” from the ACL Institute

Those who attended yesterday’s ACL Institute “We’re History” enjoyed learning about how to share history with children – especially family history, and local and California history. If you could not attend, be sure to check out the handouts that are available on the ACL Website:  http://www.bayviews.org/institute/2013handouts.html .  These handouts include an extensive annotated bibliography on California history, and a list of fiction/nonfiction pairs of books that are great for helping children grasp events from history compiled by Martha Shogren.No Crystal Stair There are also several lists of historical fiction, broken down by geographic area, compiled by Erica Siskind of the Oakland Public Library.

Be sure to look at the handout “Step Into the Past: Performers/Presenters of History,” compiled by Institute Chair Elizabeth Overmyer.  Many of us are completing our Summer Reading programming schedules, so check out this list of performers that you might want to host at your library.  If you are doing the “Dig Into Reading” theme, Digging Into History is a great way to match historical presenters to the theme.  And if you are doing the “Reading Is So Delicious” theme, historical presentations often celebrate farmers, pioneers, and others who came to California to help grow food.  The list includes Bay Area storytellers, musicians, and presenters on wildlife and other aspects of California. Thanks to everyone who helped with the ACL Institute!

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