Review of the Week

Newquist, H. P. The Book of Blood: From Legends and Leeches to Veins and Vampires.  Non-fiction. .Houghton, 2012. 1 51p.  $17.99.  978-0-5473-1584-3. OUTSTANDING. GRADES 4-9.

It’s hard to find an individual who is blasé about blood. This elemental fluid has deep resonance in virtually every culture.  The Book of Blood tackles the fascination, importance, and ick factor of blood in an astonishing and comprehensive exploration. In a conversational tone, we are given a solid understanding of the complex makeup of blood. The accessible metaphor of a milkshake is used. Sensational headings, which look as if they were written in blood, bold splashes along the edges of pages, and certifiably fascinating and surprising facts catapult the reader on through explorations of blood’s role in medicine, health, and religion. Pages are broken up with photographs, etchings, computer-generated images, and historic artifacts. Intriguing and lurid, The Book of Blood will satisfy report writers, the science minded, and sensation seekers. A bibliography, websites, photo credits, and index are provided. Review based on an ARC.

Melissa McAvoy, Independent

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