Programming Ideas for “The Lorax”

With the hit film based on Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax due out on DVD on Aug. 7, 2012, many libraries are planning programs with The Lorax as the central theme.  Because of the plot’s celebration of trees and the environment, you can also save these for an Earth Day program next year.

Movie showing:  Screen the film (be sure to get your movie license at  For a snack, serve cotton candy (which resembles the Truffala Tree flowers).

Read the book, then send the audience to various stations for the following:

You can also make Lorax T-shirts using Iron-on transfers.

Paper crafts:  Paper handouts available from

Seuss Science:  String telephones .

Lorax planters : Take plastic cups and add sticker eyes and felt scraps, then planting soil and beans.  Or make newspaper pots: .

Recycled art:  Use up all the leftover arts and crafts supplies you have taking up space, and let kids use their imaginations.

Recycled socks into Lorax puppets:  Glue on googly eyes and felt scraps, using craft glue or a hot glue gun used by an adult.

Finger knitting (yarn): .

Truffula dominos: .

Truffula Tree craft:  (pompoms, pipe cleaners, clay for base).

Pin the mustache on the Lorax: ( ).

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