2012 ACL Institute a Rousing Success!

THANK YOU to all those who attended today’s ACL institute “Eat the Library!”  We had AMAZING, intelligent, committed, creative, inspiring and inspired presenters, and the attendees were enthusiastic, engaged and full of GREAT ideas.  Congrats to Amy and the ACL team on a job well done.

For those who could not make it today, we are sorry to have missed you, but here is the 2012 Institute Bibliography of today’s event.  We are hoping to post some more follow-up documents from the event, so check back soon for that.

Well, we promised it, and here it is. We want to hear from YOU!  Whether you are library staff member, an urban gardener, a food justice community organizer, a home cook — whoever you are, if you have ideas about the intersection of libraries and food/food justice/social justice, please share those ideas here.  So many great ideas came up at today’s institute and we don’t want to miss out, so comment, comment, comment, and let’s get a dialogue going (we will create a resource document out of your ideas for everyone to use).

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2 Responses to 2012 ACL Institute a Rousing Success!

  1. Amy Martin says:

    Hi everyone!
    Thanks again to everyone who came yesterday- I was so inspired watching all the speakers.
    I’ll get the ball rolling and say that I am inspired to work with an employee at my branch who’s expressed interest in growing some plants onsite and help him get started. I’m going to reach out to the WIC near my branch and work on developing a presentation for new parents on using books with babies. I also want to get in touch with People’s Grocery and make some connections around volunteers in my community (East Oakland). And of course I’m looking forward to hosting free lunch this summer with the Food Bank!
    Best to all,

  2. Pat says:

    Literacy garden promises bounty of food and books
    City garden will be an oasis in food desert
    April 09, 2012|By Mary Gail Hare, The Baltimore Sun

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