Younger Hunger

If they’re asking for The Hunger Games, but you’re in a K-5 Library, try…

These are possible alternatives found in some K-5 libraries.  In most cases, they are on the edge (grades 5-8), but they deal with survival, dystopian and/or world-building themes, and they tend to be plot-driven, fast-paced and thought-provoking.

Arntson, Steven                           The Wikkeltag

Bawden, Nina                              Off the Road

Christopher, John                      The White Mountains (trilogy)

                                                       The Guardians

Collins, Suzanne                        Gregor the Overlander

DuPrau, Jeanne                        City of Ember (trilogy)

Flanagan, John                         Ranger’s Apprentice series

                                                     The Outcast

Gray, Eva                                   Tomorrow Girls series

Haddix, Margaret P.               Among the Hidden (The Shadow Children Series)

Lowry, Lois                               The Giver (has sequel)

MacHale, D.J.                          Pendragon series

McMann, Lisa                          The Unwanteds

Mull, Brandon                          Beyonders (series)

Nix, Garth                                  Seventh Tower series

O’Brien, Robert C.                    Z for Zachariah

Paulsen, Gary                           Hatchet (and sequels)

Reeve, Philip                             Fever Crumb

Sedgwick, Martin                    Floodland

Stahler, David                           Truesight

From Linda Perkins

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One Response to Younger Hunger

  1. Eric says:

    Wanted to add a title that I just read to this amazing list:

    THE LINE by Teri Hall

    [In a dystopian future, Rachel’s mother works as a housekeeper on an old estate and Rachel has begun helping to raise orchids with the lady of the estate. The greenhouse where she works is just yards from THE LINE, a line that was formed during a war where U.S. troops came in and sectioned off a large chunk of land. When Rachel comes across an old recorder playing a garbled message of help, she decides to assist a boy on the other side of the line whose family needs medicine. A FANTASTIC story that smacks of a classic, with just the right amount of politics and a message about questioning our government. Somewhat of a 1984 for tweens. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED… and I can’t wait to read the sequel, Away…]

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